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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com, all you need to know

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There are high chances that if you are reading this post, then you probably heard the term WordPress and it also possible that sometimes you may be confused between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. WordPress is the web software you can use to create your blog or website. WordPress was released in 2003. Since the first version of the WordPress, it is widely used as a blogging platform. There are many plugins available in WordPress by which WordPress can be used to create complicated websites. You can create an online store with the help of WordPress.  WordPress is open source. So that means anyone can use and modify it freely.

Facts about WordPress

  1. Currently, 75 million websites are running on a WordPress. Some of those sites include Mashable, CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, Sony, Coca-Cola, etc. You can check here that how many big websites are using WordPress.org.
  2. WordPress is having a collection of more than 30,000 themes.
  3. WordPress has 19,000 plugins in its repository.
  4. WordPress is open source software so anyone can use and update it as per his need.
  5. WordPress beats Joomla and Drupal when it comes to usage.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Easy: WordPress is very easy to learn. Any layman person can learn WordPress and build a website. There is no need to write a single line of code to develop a website using WordPress.
  • Easy to install: WordPress is very easy to install on any host. The installation of WordPress on a host takes hardly 5 minutes.
  • Huge Community: WordPress is having the high quality of developers. If you are facing any issue regarding WordPress, then you can contact this vast community.
  • Themes and Plugins: There are 30,000 themes, and 19,000 plugins are available in WordPress repository. These themes and plugins are free and premium. Anyone can use this free themes and plugins.

There are two versions of WordPress is available. These versions are wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Newbie always looks confuse between this two versions of WordPress. So let’s see the both the versions of WordPress with its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of this post, we will also give short tips on which version to choose in which situation.


WordPress.com is a commercial version of WordPress. It is created by Automatic. If you want to create your website with WordPress.com, then it will provide you domain and host for free. So that you can focus on your content and make it more useful. The Domain of WordPress.com will look like this: domainname.wordpress.com. There are several advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.com. So it is better to know pros and cons of it before you create your website with WordPress.com.

Advantages of WordPress.com

  1. It’s Free: com is completely free. If you want to start your own blog and share your knowledge with your readers, then there is no need to pay money for it. You can start your blog with WordPress.com and share your knowledge.
  2. Spam is not a Problem: in the case of WordPress.com, you don’t need to worry about spam comments. All these things are handled by preinstalled plugins.
  3. Freedom of Upgrades: Whenever any new version of WordPress is available, it will upgrade your version automatically. So you don’t require any special skills to enhance your website.
  4. Backup:com will take automatic backup of your website. So you don’t need to take backup of your site daily.
  5. Support: There are many active members at the forum. So in the case of trouble, you can contact them through the forum and get help from them.
  6. It’s very simple: it is so simple that even a very layman person can start his blog with this platform. You don’t require any knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP. 

Disadvantages of WordPress.com

  1. No Advertising: if you want to make money out of your blog, then WordPress.com is not for you. WordPress.com does not allow you to add ads to your blog. So you can’t apply for Google Adsense.
  2. Limited Customization of Themes: There are many themes available in WordPress.com. But you cannot use your theme. You also can’t be able to edit its CSS. So there is a limited number of options are available for Customization of the theme.
  3. No Plugin Uploads: You cannot upload any plugins in WordPress.com blog. This is a great limitation of it. Because by plugins, WordPress can achieve its real power.
  4. Paid Upgrades: If your blog goes beyond the certain conditions, then you need to buy pay upgrades for it. There are some conditions on visitors, content and page views.


WordPress.org is a complete solution for the people like you and me who wants to make money through their blog, promote their small business online or any other usage like creating an online E-commerce site. WordPress.org removes all the limitations of WordPress.com. To create a blog using WordPress.org you need to have domain and host with you. Once you have domain and host, you can install WordPress on the host and start your self-hosted blog. You can have full control over your blog in WordPress.org. You can get all the advantages of WordPress in WordPress.org. There are certain responsibilities will also come with these benefits. The following are the responsibilities in case of self-hosted WordPress blog:

  1. You need to update your version of WordPress by yourself.
  2. You need to pay some amount for domain and host.
  3. You need to protect your blog from spam comments.
  4. You need to take regular backup of your blog.
  5. You need to make sure that your blog will run 24*7 even if the traffic on your blog will be incensed.
  6. Check out the complete features of WordPress.org here.
Elements SeriesWordPress.comWordPress.org
Cost and knowledgeIt is free and does not require much technical knowledge.It is not free and requires some technical knowledge.
ThemesYou can use only those themes which are available in WordPress. You cannot modify themes.You can use any theme you want. You also can change the CSS of theme as per your requirements.
PluginsYou cannot use any plugin.You can use any plugin to enhance your blog.
Backup and securityIt is done automatically.You need to take periodic backup, and you need to protect your blog from different threats.
ServerYour blog will be on the powerful server. So you don't need to worry about downtime.You must maintain a good server to maintain a good performance of your blog.
Monetize from blogYou cannot make money using your blog.You can make money using your blog.
ControlYou don’t have full control over your blog.You have full control on your blog.

Which is Better:  WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

So by now you know that both WordPress.com and WordPress.org has its advantages and disadvantages. So now the question is what to choose? The answer is simple. If you want to create your blog to share your knowledge, and you don’t want to monetize your blog, you can create it with the help of WordPress.com. But if you want to make money from your blog and create your identity across the world then you should go for WordPress.org. With WordPress.org, you have complete control on your blog. So there are certain responsibilities also come. If you are ready to take responsibilities, then you can defiantly go for WordPress.org. So if you are willing to pay and dedicated to work on your blog, then you should choose WordPress.org. Otherwise, you can go for WordPress.com. It is also a better option first to try a free version of WordPress then start your self-hosted blog.

We are also using WordPress.org for VScripts with SiteGround here you will get a free .com domain with unlimited bandwidth for one-year validity for both domain + Hosting in reasonable prices. Initially, you may get stuck during between hosting and domain so don’t worry read these article: How to create a website and you will get your all answers easily. You can get help from these guides. So our suggestion is to get a self-hosted blog instead of WordPress.com blog if you are looking for long-term blogging. If you are thinking about self-hosted blog then VScripts would love to help you and ready to give you easy to follow steps with proper guidance for more information contact us.

Officially Recommended for WordPress.org Users:

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Final Words:

So in the end, it is all about what you want, what you handle and what you are most comfortable with. If you like this article then don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Good luck for your own self-hosted blog where you are the owner of everything. ?

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