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Using KeyCDN to Load Web Pages Faster

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Content Delivery Network (CDN) is loved by most webmasters who wish to make a great improvement on website performance. Thus, more and more CDN service providers are born to give users the massive boon. The multiple options have taken some people in confusion and make it hard to choose a suitable one.

KeyCDN is a service of Proinity Ltd, a Swiss company, with its headquarters located in Winterthur. KeyCDN offers high performance Content Delivery Network packages at a very competitive price. In this KeyCDN review, we will scrutinize every aspect of KeyCDN’s offering in order

Quick Overview

  • Price: No minimum / $0.04 per GB
  • Zones: 5 Included
  • # of POPs: 24
  • SSL: Free Shared + Let’s Encrypt
  • Secure Token (Free)
  • Origin Shield: (Free)
  • New HTTP/2 Support: (Free)
  • Block Bad Bots
  • Real-time reporting
  • Purging
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KeyCDN guarantees transparent pricing and displays the details orderly to help people target the most suitable solution at the first sight. According to the particular requirements of customers from North America, Europe and Asia, this company has tailored the service to maximize the satisfaction. Here, we list the traffic pricing per GB in the following table to make a clear demonstration.

TrafficNorth AmericaEuropeOther Regions
First 10 TB$0.04$0.04$0.04
Next 40TB$0.036$0.036$0.04
Next 100TB$0.032$0.032$0.04
Next 350TB$0.028$0.028$0.04
Next 500TB$0.02$0.02$0.04
Next 2PB$0.01$0.01$0.04
Over 3PBOn Request

How to Setup KeyCDN

You can setup your 30-day free KeyCDN trial here to test out what the service is all about. KeyCDN sends you an email confirmation to get started, which also leads you to a nice little CDN setup area, with links to tutorials and directions on the initial steps.

KeyCDN Setup

Choose between a Push Zone or Pull Zone to get started. A Push Zone means that you upload your files to KeyCDN. A Pull Zone is if you want KeyCDN to pull all the website files from a different web server.

The KeyCDN dashboard looks rather similar to a standard WordPress dashboard, making it easier for you to navigate around the interface.

KeyCDN Dashboard

Let’s start with creating a Push Zone. When you are logged into your account, click on the Zones button on the left hand side of the dashboard.


Name the zone whatever you want, make sure it is Active and select that you want to make it a Push Zone. Click on the Save button to proceed.

Setup Push Zone

The Pull Zone setup is slightly different, but you still need to go to the same Zones tab that we started with in the Push Zone options. Specify a name, that it’s Active, and choose that you want to create a Pull Zone.

Pull Zone

The main difference is that you need to type in the URL from which you want to pull your content from. After that you can hit the Save button. It’s rather simple to setup these zones, but keep in mind these are just the first few steps, and you can customize like crazy with additional steps.

Origin URL

Additional Setup Procedures

After you perform the initial steps for your CDN, you can integrate the Zone URL into your website, connecting the two, and improving the overall performance on your site.

Now, let’s say you chose a Push Zone, and you want to upload your data to the KeyCDN FTP server. This takes an additional step that you can walk through here.

Support for KeyCDN

The support for KeyCDN is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Sometimes when you download a plugin or integration for WordPress it’s a pain to find the support documents or you have to keep switching from your WordPress dashboard to another support tab. With KeyCDN, they give you links to support tabs inside the dashboard, making it easier to locate exactly what you need. You can also go to their huge knowledge base with extremely simple how-to guides and more.

Knowledge Base Links

VOD Zones

A Video on Demand zone is another option provided as an altepull zonernative to the Push and Pull Zones. This is ideal for websites that upload tons of videos that need a way to directly upload the videos to the CDN server via FTP. You can learn how to create a VOD Zone within a few seconds, and the service even include guidelines for streaming content and uploading videos.


The Reports section is a nice way to see how much traffic is going through your site. It enables you to manage your payment plan since you can see if you are on the edge of the next payment plan range. Not to mention, the real time traffic graphs and stats work well for checking in on how well the CDN is working, along with how well readers are responding to the new speeds.

Real Time Stats

Buying Credits

From a business standpoint, I understand creating a credit system, but as a user, it stinks. No one wants to charge their credit card only to receive credits that are only usable on a CDN. This is one of the primary downsides to KeyCDN, because once you put your money in, it isn’t coming back. You can, however, set a recharge amount which is perfect for companies who plan on using the CDN well into the future.

Buying Credits

Managing Your Zones

When you click on the Zones tab on the left, KeyCDN includes an extremely clean list of your recently setup zones so you can go in and manage them.

Zone Management

Create a brand new zone, enable a secure token and even activate an SSL certificate. If you click on the Manage button for a Zone you can Edit each Zone and click on the Show Advanced Feature box to reveal an entire list of additional options to modify.

This is where KeyCDN truly excels, with Common Zone settings such as the ability to force the download of files instead of opening them. You can even enable GZip compression, modify cache expiration controls and enable cross-origin resource sharing which is another way to improve your site’s performance by spreading out your resources.

Common Zone Settings

Each zone has its own customization options, but each option is a chance to amp up your site performance and potentially save a few seconds on page load and file viewing time for users and search engines. For example, if you take a look at the Pull Zone Advanced options you can strip cookies from files to force caching, ignore query strings, add a canonical header to improve your SEO and block crawlers from indexing certain portions of your site.

Pull Zone Settings



KeyCDN is, without a doubt, excellent. With a plethora of features to offer at attractive pricing, it is a very good choice to consider if you are just getting started with creating a website or an eCommerce portal of your own. We recommend it whole heartedly. To know more about KeyCDN, do visit their website. They’ve got really attractive schemes to offer, and have lots of benefits as well!

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