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Top ten Two factor Authentication WordPress Plugin

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Two-factor Authentication is an authentication process where you use third party devices or services to log-in. In general, most two-factor authentication services use Mobile phone or a Mobile phone App. Google is the one company that allowed its users to use the two-factor authentication to login into their Google accounts. They use the Google Authenticator mobile app or the phone number of the user to serve the two-factor authentication service.

If you already know about the Google Authenticator App or Google’s two-factor authentication, then it would be easy for you to use the following list of WordPress Two-factor Authentication plugins.

1. Wordfence

The Wordfence WordPress plugin is a complete security plugin for WordPress. Providing WordPress security with enterprise-class encryption and services, the Wordfence plugin for WordPress recently added two-factor authentication to it.

Once you have successfully downloaded, install and activate the Wordfence plugin on your blog/website. Upon activation of the plugin, you get a dedicated dashboard to configure and monitor the security of your website. In the dashboard, you will find an option “Cellphone sign-in,” from where your mobile number can be used to set the two-factor authentication for your website.

However, the “Cellphone Sign-in” option will work for premium members only, meaning only premium users can use the service. It is around $5 to upgrade and enable two-factor authentication on WordPress.


The Clef Two-factor authentication plugin by Clef is a dedicated Two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress websites. The Clef plugin provides extreme two-factor authentication services, unlike any other plugin.

After successfully downloading, install and active the Clef plugin on your website. The user must also download a Clef App provided by the Clef for Android and iOS. Now, set up the two-factor authentication using the swing code given by the WordPress plugin and the code scanner on you phone provided by Clef App

Clef allows the users to control the log-in time and Admin can control all the users. Unlike Wordfence, the Clef is dedicated two-factor authentication plugin. Since WordPress doesn’t recommend installing additional plugins just for two-factor authentication, but if you consider two-factor authentication a great asset to your website, then Clef would be my choice of recommendation.

3. Shield

The Shield WordPress security plugin by iControlWP is another WordPress Complete Security plugin that provided complete security service to your website as well as login authentication

When the Shield WordPress security plugin is installed and activated on your website, it provides the Admin with a dashboard where you can find “Login” module. When you go to the Log-in module of Sheild plugin, you will be provided with options to set the Authentication process. Choose the “2-Factor Auth” and configure the two-factor authentication service according to your requirements.

Unlike other Two-factor authentication plugins listed above, the Shield WordPress Security Plugin allows you to enable two-factor authentication via email and through Google Authenticator.

4. Duo

The Duo – Two-factor Authentication is another dedicated WordPress -Two-factor Authentication plugin available for free. It has a simple interface, and since it is a dedicated 2-fact auth plugin, it doesn’t provide a separated dashboard while it’s setup & configuring options are available in the settings panel.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you will be asked to enter an “Integration Key” and a “Security Key” and then to select the roles for whom the Two-factor authentication is to be enabled. Remember, you need to acquire those two keys by registering at “Duo-Security” and selecting the application as “WordPress.”

In the process, you also need to install Duo App through which you will be able to set the Two-factor Authentication for your website by scanning the barcodes provided. The Set-up process is quite simple, but to the first time users, it might look a little-complicated thing. I will try to provide a complete setup guide on “Duo two-factor Authentication” as soon as possible.

5. Rublon

Rublon is also a dedicated Two-factor Authentication plugin for WordPress which has it’s own dashboard to configure. However, there are many options and settings provided in the dashboard for a free account, and it can only protect one user per account.

The set-up process includes registration at the official website first and the downloading the App, which can scan your barcodes. Once you have done that, install and activate the Rublon two-factor Authentication plugin on your WordPress website.

Now, in Rublon dashboard, you have the option to set a trusted device from where you can use your device to set as a trusted device for two-factor authentication. By doing so, you are now enabled with Two-factor authentication, and whenever you log-in, you can use your phone to scan and login. Remember! Only a premium account is enabled to set the two-factor authentication for multiple users.

6. miniOrgane: Google Auth

Google Authenticator is a Two-factor Authenticator WordPress plugin by miniOrange. In my Opinion, the Google Authenticator by miniOrgange is the most complete and dedicated Two-factor Authenticator plugin available for WordPress.

A separate dashboard is provided after installing and activating the plugin. Instead of registering at the website, the plugin allows you to register instantly by just providing a Password. Once you have setup the account, you can move on to “Setup Two-factor” menu from where you can configure your Authentication.

Unlike any other WordPress plugin, the Google Authenticator by miniOrange provides Two-factor Authentication via Email, OPT over SMS, Phone call verification, Soft Token, QRCode Authentication, Push Notification, Google Authenticator App and Authy. So, you can choose an option depending on your flexibility.

7. Two-factor Authentication

The Two-factor Authentication plugin by David Anderson DNutBourne is another Two-fact auth plugin that uses Google Authenticator App and also has a dedicated dashboard to setup and configure.

Once you have installed and activated the Plugin, you will be provided with a QRCode and an OTP. Use the Codes to add your Website to the Google Authenticator App. Once you have done that, you should be able to use the Two-factor authentication and login with the codes provided by the Google Authenticator.

It is kind of very simple to use plugin. If you are a multiple website-user and is looking for a simple Two-factor Authentication plugin for your blogs, then you should try this plugin

8. Authy

The Authy two-factor Authentication plugin by Authy Inc is similar Two-fact Authentication plugin as Duo Two-fact Authentication plugin. The setup process is completely same as that of the Duo Plugin.

First, Register at the official Website and then add Application as WordPress and generate an API which you should use to set up the plugin on your Website. By doing so will enable the Authentication to your website. The admin can select the roles to which the Authentication is required. If you need the Two-factor Authentication only for Author or only for Authors and Editors etc, just select them.

9. SecSign

The SicSign WordPress plugin is different two-factor authentication plugin from all the above plugins mentioned. It uses a SecSign ID which enables the users to login to their websites/blogs.

The setup process is a bit complicated one since you need to set a SecSign ID from the official website and then use it with the Website in which you installed the SecSign plugin. The plugin also provides a SecSign App that you can use to login to the Website. I will provide a Complete set-up guide for the SecSing plugin as soon as possible.

10. LaunchKey

The LaunchKey Login Authentication plugin by LauncKey Inc is one of the latest security plugins developed only for the implementation of safety While Logging-in to the websites or blogs on WordPress.

The LaunchKey plugin provides multiple options like MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sing-on Authentication, and a Manual Configuration option. If you are first time user and have absolutely no idea about how the Plugin works, then “MFA” is a perfect option to start with. Once you get a grip on the plugin, you can explore more options like Single Sign-On and the advanced level “Manual Configuration.

The LaunchKey plugin, however, is not a two-factor authentication plugin but serves the purpose well enough to be included in the list.

The below are the recently released two-factor authentication plugins with less than ten installs. So, I do not include anything but the download links. It is because the plugins haven’t any user reviews, and I cannot promise the safety of your Website with the plugins.

11. PassQi mFactor


13. SnapID

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