How Can SSL Boost Up Your Google Ranking

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The emergence of SEO was just based on the fact that by a proper understanding of Google Algorithm, the rankings of websites could be boosted. Several tools and techniques came, and the specialists applied all their heads to do what make a better Google ranking for the websites they took care of.

The algorithm of the mighty search engine went through some major changes, and these made the SEO specialists change their several plans altogether. Now Google has brought another tool that can help these people boost the ranks of the websites. The tool is SSL. Websites with SSL Certificates are going to have a major ranking advantage now.

What’s SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a technology with the help of which the data travelling from a user’s device to a particular website gets encrypted. The technology is a lot common in our day to day utilisations.

At some point or the other, we all have done online transactions for payments, or fund transfers, or something else. All our sensitive data including the credit card details and the checkout information are encrypted with the help of SSL before the websites receive them. Thus our personal information is highly protected with the aid of this technology. Even the best leagues of cybercriminals wouldn’t be able to decrypt this information.

A surprising declaration from Google

The recent change in the Google’s indexing algorithm would keep the websites using SSL higher in ranking than others. The company seems to be very strict about the issue. Now Google wants to encourage more websites to use SSL for the better safety and protections of user data and information.

Google in its quest for making the Internet a safer place, makes a point that the SSL isn’t just used for the checkout process, but each and every page of a website must implement the technique. The Google is bound to make sure the Website are safer for the web browsers.

Now what this new algorithm is changing is that more and more websites would now be forced to implement SSL on their websites. Ignoring this point may cost them their current Google ranking. While others, who decide to go the Google way would get some advantage in their rankings.

SSL would just be one of the effective factors

So with this new change in Google’s algorithm, the websites using SSL would have a slight growth of ranking. But now the point that has to be taken care of is that this alone would not create magic for your ranking. Using this technology will only have a slight effect for now as it is just one of the factors responsible. Currently, it affects just the 1 percent of global searches and other factors like content have more weight.

Google also says that shortly it can strengthen the things further more. The Google Webmaster Blog says that the SLL technologies in websites are only to become more important in times ahead. As the Google Webmaster Blog states, “Over the time, we may decide to strengthen it because we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web”.

But the change is already affecting the Web

The very new change, of course, is affecting the world of Internet. Including SSL as a factor for ranking would gradually spread its wings with affecting a higher percentage of queries. The Google said that currently there are only 10% of the crawled and discovered URLs that use the technology and are HTTPS URLs. Considering all the queries, 30 percent of the results on the first page of Google search results have at least one HTTPS URL.

To wrap it up, we would only say that the consequence of SSL is going to be one of the major deciders in future. Purchase and implementation of a new SSL certificate is a complicated process but would only benefit you in the long run. After all better late than never. If not today, one day you are definitely going to be forced to do so. Do it now and have the edge over your peers.

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