google analytics alternatives

3 Google Analytics Alternatives You Should Consider

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Analytics are key to understanding why your visitors behave the way they do, and Google Analytics dominates the field in terms of popularity. There’s no denying it’s an excellent platform, but it also takes a lot of work to master, and it may be overkill for some users. Fortunately, Google isn’t the sole name in the field of analytics, and …

7 ways to increase traffic

7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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An abundance of self-proclaimed “experts” out there promise they know the secret of driving traffic to your website. However, increasing your website traffic is not rocket science and doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. While you do have to invest time and resources to achieve quality results, the mystery of Internet marketing is yours to solve. Here are seven …

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A/B Split Testing: How to Improve Your Email Newsletters

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Big Gains From Small Edits As the world of digital marketing continues to grow, we are constantly learning of new ways to improve upon techniques, even for certain channels that we have been working with for a long time. When it comes to Email marketing specifically, there is always room for improvement. As we have often found, some of the …

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3 foolproof ways to backup WordPress

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Backing up WordPress gives you options in the face of a server failure, malware attack, or accidental data loss. You’ve put countless hours into building a valuable website, so losing any of it simply isn’t feasible. You need a disaster recovery plan, and an archive of backups can provide one. Before delving into the various ways to back up WordPress, …