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Lossless Image Compression with Optimus WordPress Plugin

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Utilizing image compression is one of the quickest ways to increase your page speed and minimize the total size of your pages. And because of that the team at KeyCDN has developed a new WordPress plugin, Optimus, which focuses on lossless image compression. You can also take advantage of the developer API.

Lossless Compression

Lossless compression is a technique used to vastly reduce file sizes, whilst maintaining image quality. Optimus promises that the visual appearance of your treated images will not change in any way at all! The plugin works by reducing the original image and any preview images of that image. A clear advantage of Optimus over competitor plugins is that this plugin squeezes the file sizes of all the sizes and thumbnails for that image, and not just the original image.

Why Choose Optimus?

There are many benefits to using Optimus, all of which can be found on their website. Let’s go through a few of these.

  • Reduction of file size with no change in image quality
  • Automatic optimisation of original and preview images
  • Compatible with both WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce
  • Developed by people with several years of experience in the area of “image optimisation”
  • Minimisation of traffic thanks to smaller images
  • For SEO & readers: improved page loading times
  • Compression of both JPEG and PNG Files
  • WebP Conversion of images
  • You can compress Unlimited amount of images
  • Images will be severd ove an secure HTTPS connection
  • Developer API
  • You can Bulk optimize images (optimize existing images)
  • Support from the team at KeyCDN


Optimus has three different types of licenses you can choose from: Optimus, Optimus HQ, and Optimus HQ Pro. The pricing is unique compared to most other online compression services or plugins in that it is a one-time charge per year instead of a monthly subscription. There is no automatic renewal and a 14-day money back guarantee.

optimus pricing table

Optimus – Free Version

Free: Optimus supports both JPEG and PNG compression but is restricted to a maximum file size of 100KB. It supports an unlimited amount of images and progressive JPEGs.

Optimus HQ

$19 / year: Optimus HQ supports a maximum file size of 5MB, both JPEG and PNG compression, HTTPS connection, WebP Conversion, the developer API, an unlimited amount of images, and progressive JPEGs. You can use this license on all of your own projects.

Optimus HQ Pro

$99 / year: Optimus HQ Pro supports all of the same features as Optimus HQ, but you can use it on all of your own projects as well as your customer’s and client’s projects.

Using Optimus

You can download Optimus from the WordPress Repository or purchase it from the Optimus website. If you purchase a premium license you will receive it via email. To activate the plugin simply click into plugins, scroll down and enter your Optimus license key.

optimus plugin key

Once in the plugin you have the following options:

  • Images sizes: Here you will see the different image sizes being compressed. This is pulled based upon your theme and plugins you have installed. By default WordPress will have thumbnail, medium, large, and post-thumbnail.
  • Original images: You could use this option if you want to preserve the original image and only compress thumbnails.
  • Image metadata : Keeps EXIF, copyright and photo information in images.
  • WebP Files: Creation of the new Google image format WebP.   (Optimus HQ and HQ Pro)
  • HTTPS connection: Transfer images securely over TLS encryption  (Optimus HQ and HQ Pro)
  • Optimize during upload: No optimization of images during the upload process.

optimus settings


If you haven’t yet started optimizing your images, download Optimus now and test out the compression results for yourself. Take advantage of lossless image compression, progressive JPEGs, WebP conversion.

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