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Top 5 online SERP checkers

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Checking your Search Engine Result Position (SERP) is important as it allows you to track the success of your SEO efforts.

Knowing how your SEO efforts are doing enables you to change certain aspects of your strategy. Tools can help you with this and make it possible for you to check many different keywords on your domain. Below are 5 of the best SERP checkers.

SEO Centro – Free

SEO Centro is a tool that I especially like due to the fact you don’t have to log in, it’s free and
you can even compare a keyword to a competitor’s website. SEO Centro is a SERP checker that
gives results for Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as the competing pages each search engine
has. One of the surprising adds ons of this tool is that it shows related keyword phrases that you
can rank for with other pages; this obviously helps when looking to capture extra traffic.

Google Webmaster – Free

Google Webmaster tools have a tool inside that allows you to see the average position for all of
your keyword phrases. Any keyword phrase that is getting impressions but not clicks appears on
the table. This gives you the webmaster the opportunity to find keywords which are getting a lot
of traffic but you’re not ranking very well for. Used wisely you can use it to track your positions for
keywords bringing even the smallest of traffic.

Firefox Rank Checker – Free

The Firefox rank checker is freely available to download from with use from
the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The great thing about this tool once downloaded is that it’s
extremely simple to use. You simply input your domain name and then add the keywords that you
desire to check. It gives your rank from Google, Yahoo and Bing. One extra feature that’s quite
impressive is the ability to save your keyword rankings and check them at a later date. This is
useful if you have a lot of keyword groups.

Rank Tracker – Free (Optional Upgrade)

Rank tracker is a great SERP checker and one that I use fairly often due to the accuracy and
options available. One of the main selling points of this software is the amount of different search
engines that are made available for you to check the rankings for. This is obviously important
if you have a presence in other countries and need to see how your keywords are doing on
different search engines. Once your keywords are put in you’re presented with a large screen and
plenty of data for you to analyse.

SEM Rush – Free (Optional Upgrade)

SEM Rush is a reporting tool that allows you to see the different reports and rankings for various
keywords. It gives you data on the top 5 keywords bringing traffic to your website and what their
current rankings are. If you want to see all of the keywords traffic and their ranking you can
upgrade for $69.95 per month. The common competitors section also gives you an insight into
websites that are competing with you for your current keywords and how you stack up against

Above you have 5 of the best SERP checkers out there. There are more tools out there but to
offer this amount of value and data for free these tools deserve to be mentioned. You can track
how well your keywords are performing and quickly adjust if some aren’t ranking how you want
them to.

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