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WPMU DEV recently added a new plugin Hummingbird to their list.

Lightweight and high-powered, Hummingbird caches, minifies, combines, defers script loading, compresses, and makes your site a lean, mean speed machine.

It packs a punch, making optimizations in line with Google PageSpeed Insights and finding new ways to make it load faster, because when it comes to page speed – and especially Google – every millisecond counts.

What’s in Hummingbird

  • Performance report
  • Browser Caching
  • Uptime monitoring
  • CSS & JS minification
  • GZIP Compression
  • Image optimization

Performance report

Scan your site band get an in-depth report on just how well it’s performing.

Hummingbird examines the same vital components of your website as Google PageSpeed Insights and gives you an overall score out of 100 so you can quickly determine whether you need to make performance improvements to your site.

The performance report also provides scores out of 100 for aspects of your site that you may want to consider fixing, including render blocking resources, server response time, image optimization, and minification.

performace report

When you click “Improve Score” next to any of the recommendations, you will be provided detailed insights into what is slowing down your site and advice on what you need to do to improve your PageSpeed score.

remove render blocking

Uptime Monitoring

Hummingbird has a trusty sidekick! Monitor keeps an eye on your site around the clock and lets you know the second anything goes wrong, including slow response times, server errors, and pages disappearing.

To activate Monitor, simply enable it from the Hummingbird dashboard. You will then see a full log of your uptime, downtime, outages, average response time (including a handy graph), as well as the last reported time your site was offline.


GZIP Compression

Turn on GZIP compression for your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files and watch your site fly.

You can also select your server type for precise control.

gzip compression

Browser Caching

Turn on browser caching so you can temporarily store your site’s data on your users’ devices, ensuring your content loads super quickly for return visitors.

From the Browser Caching interface in Hummingbird, you can set the number of days you want your content to remain on visitor devices before they have to download it again.

browser caching


Choose which specific files you want to minify and combine, and even whether you want to include them in the header or footer of your site, or keep them in the original position. Hummingbird will also let you know how much space you’ve saved reducing your files.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the Minification settings page for a super cool graph illustrating how your files have been combined and minified.


Image Optimiation

Image optimzation needs WP Smush or WP Smush Pro plugin by WPMU DEV to be activated. WP Smush smushes your images and reduuces it size.


Hummingbird is easy to use caching plugin. It has less customization and high performace. Download Hummingbird and see for yourself how WPMU DEV new performance and optimization plugin can speed up your site.

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