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Best FTP client softwares to use

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Even when acknowledging that managing website files through web hosting dashboard is an easy task, it’s a fact that several users prefer FTP Clients when it comes to uploading or updating website files. When compared to the web UI scenario, File Transfer Protocol clients are way too easier, since you can simply download or upload an entire folder / huge file, quite reliably, without all those dialogue boxes and all. In addition, FTP-based transfers are very secure too. Being of low size and resource consumption, using a FTP Client makes sense, given that you choose the best — or, at least, the most appropriate — FTP Client for you. In this post, however, we’ve a list of 10 best FTP Clients, discussing noticeable features of each. So, shall we move onto the list?


FileZilla is a multi-platform FTP Client that is available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux! This free yet powerful FTP client boasts a lot of features, ranging from intuitive User Interface to support for various protocols. Considerably the standard FTP Client, it includes an impressive set of documentation, which is one of the reasons it’s attracting newbie developers and professionals out there. FileZilla offers support for FTP, FTPS and SFTP and support for IPv6 as well.

filezilla client

Indeed, its tab-based interface is sense-making for newbies and its login process is easy-enough too. For those who are bothered about ‘looks’ of software, FileZilla may seem bit rudimentary, but it’s that straightforward approach why professionals prefer FileZilla to other FTP software out there. Other noticeable features of FileZilla include its support drag-and-drop support, ability to pause and resume when you’re uploading large files, filename filters, the feature to compare two directories etc.

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Cyberduck is yet another open-source FTP Client that offers support for Windows and Mac OS X! If you do care about looks of the FTP client you use, you’d be interested in using Cyberduck. It offers support for FTP, SFTP, OpenStack Swift, WebDAV and Amazon S3. There’s also support for using Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files, making it easy for you to deal with your sites. Compared to other tools, Cyberduck has optimized options for organizing and bookmarking, such as Spotlight Importer, history etc.

Cyberduck FTP client

Graphical User Interface of Cyberduck is so impressive, especially considering the easiness in terms of browsing files! Quick Look feature lets you have a preview of a file, whereas the support for external editors helps you edit website files instantaneously. Also, there are extended features in transfer section too, such as notifications in system tray & Synchronization. Integration with system technologies also makes Cyberduck popular, like support for Finder in Mac, Windows keychain support etc.

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Considered a viable alternative to FileZilla — the standard, as we said —, WinSCP is yet another free FTP Client. This tool offers support for FTP, SFTP and WebDAV protocols and is available only for Windows PCs. Talking of the UI, this tool has one that is quite similar to the typical UI concept of Windows, offering you the accustomed-to feel when it’s time to use WinSCP. It is actually a tool that is meant for secure copying of files between two computers and it does well as a FTP Transfer software too.

WinSCP for Windows

Talking of the features, there are some: first, you would love the Graphical User Interface that’s pretty much simple, and then there’s integration with Windows, letting you use drag-and-drop file transfer and shortcut icons. Also, it’s a feature named Directory Synchronization, which lets you keep two directories in sync, either automatically or semi-manually. Plus, integrated text editor of WinSCP brings easier file-editing capabilities. We’d say most features of the tool are developer-oriented or are concerned with secure copying of files — so, it’s your choice to go secure or not.

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Transmit is a Mac-only FTP software! One of the best FTP clients you can have for your Mac, Transmit has a simpler User Interface accompanied by stunning features. Talking of protocol support, you can transfer files using FTP, SFTP protocols via Transmit and there is support for Amazon S3 and WebDAV. For improved speed, Transmit uses a Twin-Turbo engine, which claims to give speed that is 25 times faster.

Transmit for Mac

When it comes to additional features, Panic has included superb features in Transmit. Twin Turbo Engine and Multi-Connection support help you transfer files with stability, while the re-imagined interface of the app is simple enough to get an idea of. In the Transfer section, you have option to set advanced server preferences and other sections. Its additional features include built-in editor, favorite button etc. Also, there are options for managing crashed/paused transfers as well. For those who like a sleek FTP client for Mac, Transmit does the job, at $34 per license.

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gFTP is a simple open source multithreaded FTP client for Linux based operating systems. It has a clean user interface which makes it easy for users to learn its features.

gFTP for linux

Some of its features include simultaneous downloads, resuming of interrupted file transfers, file transfer queues, downloading of entire directories, FTP and HTTP proxy support, remote directory caching, passive and non-passive file transfers, drag-n-drop support, bookmarks menu, support for SSH and SSH2 file transfers, support FXP transfers, stop button, and many more features.

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ES File Explorer

ES file explorer is an android app available in Google Playstore to manage your files and programs. This app is developed by Estrongs Team which is amongst the top developer in playstore. The app has over 100 Million downloads and It is one of the most feature packed app available I have ever seen. Besides Managing file ES file explorer can be used as an ftp client to too.

ES file explorer

FTP client interface in ES File Explorer is simple and easy to use. It offers support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV. You have an option to choose between active and passive file transfer if required. Login details can be saved for quick sign-ins to your servers. Some other features include copying/moving file from your android devices to your ftp server, editing file from servers without downloading to your device, renaming files, deleting files and many more

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net2ftp is a web based FTP client, written in PHP.  Besides offering standard FTP functions, net2ftp also offers a variety of others features including archiving and extracting files and directories, downloading a selected group of files and/or directories as an archive, Editing files and many others.

net2ftp web based ftp

The maximum size of one file is restricted by net2ftp to 23.84 MB. You also have an option Download the source code of net2ftp and install it on your own web server and customize it according to your requirements. You can also browse from a number of articles if you need any help related to using/installing net2ftp. In short net2ftp is a great alternative if you don’t want to install any application on your Computer/Mobile.

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So which is the best?

For me I personally use Filezilla if I want to perform any operations into my site and also recommmed it to everyone as it has all the required features we look into an FTP client software making it the best ftp software availabe for Windows, Mac and Linux. After checking out a few of these FTP softwares for yourself, be sure to leave a comment below telling us which is your favorite. And if you’re already using an FTP client which isn’t on this list, feel free to let us know!

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