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I’m so happy today to write this official announcement post for the launch of official VScripts app. At the starting of this year (2016), my aim was to target mobile users as the number of smartphone users are rising every day and finally VScripts app is live on Google play store and App Store.

Features of VScripts App:

  1.  User Friendly Interface – We have made is simple and easy for best user experience.
  2. Search – Searching articles made easy.
  3. Favourite – Liked an article? If Yes, then you can have all your favourite article in one place with our new app.
  4. History – All your previously browsed article are stored in one place. So If you need to go through a previously viewed article again then will feature will be helpful.
  5. Fast – Being a native app, it is much faster than our website.


VScripts Official app

Download our app on

Download our app on App StoreDownload our app on Google Play Store

What is Joren?

Joren is a service where you can turn your existing website into a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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Why Joren?

  • Convert existing website to app in few minutes
  • Easy to use web console
  • Native app, bot-view
  • Push notifications
  • Apps for iPhone and Android platform
  • No need to pay for own developer account
  • Free to convert, and affordable pricing

How Joren Works?

Website to app transformation is completely automated, and you are ready to touch up your app in few minutes. You have some options such as choosing themes, color, buttons and such to add some taste to your app. Your option will be limited considering the user experience of the app you created with Joren. You have an option to choose to publish by yourself, or let Joren publish for you.


Final words

Download our app to Learn Blogging at your fingertip and I would love to get your opinion and feature suggestions for the future updates. Don’t forget to give rating and leave a comment about the app in the Google play store and Apple App store, so that we can learn more from the users. Thanks to Joren for such a beautiful app. You can signup for Joren Beta list to have your website converted to a mobile app with the below link.
Pre-register for Joren Now!

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Punit Makwana is the founder of VScripts and a passionate blogger. When he’s not writing and brainstorming content ideas, this Mumbai native spends his time reading books, hanging out with his friends and watching movies

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