get dofollow backlinks for free

Tricks to get free dofollow backlinks from high authority websites

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Getting dofollow backlinks is easy but getting high-quality backlink is not that much easier as you think. Today I’m going to reveal 9 awesome high quality do follow backlink tricks that no blogger said before. 9. Get Free dofollow backlinks from comments Getting backlink from comment section is old trick but it still works I’m not saying to get backlink from …

google penguin 4

Penguin 4 Has Hit! What You Need to Know

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It’s been almost two years since the last Penguin update from Google. Today Google announced that Penguin 4 has hit and this will be the last Penguin update. That is because Penguin is now part of Google’s core algorithm and happens in real time according to Google. Incase you were not previously familiar with the Penguin Update it’s a link …

Some Keys to Ranking for Alternative Search Engines

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What are the top alternative search engines? Microsoft – (Bing) -21.4% Yahoo Sites – (Bing) – 12.2% Ask Network – 1.5% AOL – 1% DuckDuckGo – 1% Blecko – Less than 1% Baidu – Less than 1%   Who’s winning the alternative search engine war? Bing – by a long shot, because of it’s partnership with Yahoo. Bing is dominating …

SEO friendly article

Checklist for the perfect SEO Article

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It’s not always easy to remember all of the on-page SEO factors that go into Google deciding what to show towards the top of search results, but this tool allows you to quickly confirm you do. Bookmark the page, link to it, share it on social – we’ve built this as a resource for anybody who wants to write an …

The Non-Technical Guide to Basic On-Site SEO

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Many website owners see search engine optimization (SEO) as an elusive foe, but in reality, ranking high in search engines is actually quite achievable. With that being said, in the battle to impress search engines such as Google, many website owners focus their time entirely on off-site endeavors. They fail to realize the importance of optimizing their website, and it’s …