How Can SSL Boost Up Your Google Ranking

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The emergence of SEO was just based on the fact that by a proper understanding of Google Algorithm, the rankings of websites could be boosted. Several tools and techniques came, and the specialists applied all their heads to do what make a better Google ranking for the websites they took care of. The algorithm of the mighty search engine went …

10 Tips to Help You SEO a WordPress Post

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When you SEO a WordPress post, you have a number of tools at your disposal. Although there are SEO plugins available (more on that later), most tools you need for good optimization are built right in to the core of WordPress itself. And some things you should do don’t require any tools at all, just a little knowledge. Below we’ll …

Impact of penguins for Small Business SEO

How does a Penguin algorithm assist the Small Business SEO?

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Penguin helps in penalizing the websites that use bad links in manipulating the search rankings. Penguin has refreshed it pages so that any form of recrawling or manipulation can get detected conveniently. The best way they can handle these spamming is by devaluing and adjusting the page rather than affecting the entire site. Penguin algorithm helps the small SEO businesses …

Wocommerce seo tips

8 WordPress WooCommerce SEO tips to sell more products

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No matter the size of your online store, having good search engine optimization is critical to your success. Brick-and-mortar stores can count on location to win over their customers, but online competition presents a much larger challenge. Although this post is focused on boosting ecommerce SEO with the WooCommerce plugin, many of these tips can be used for any online …

free seo tools

The 21 Best Free SEO Tools for 2016

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Professional or not, nowaday everyone who’s serious about having a strong online presence has to deal with SEO. If you ever dabbled with SEO, you know how expensive all the tools can get. Luckily, there are countless of developers offering great SEO tools for free. Here’s our list of 21 best free SEO tools out there that will help you …