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Using KeyCDN to Load Web Pages Faster

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Content Delivery Network (CDN) is loved by most webmasters who wish to make a great improvement on website performance. Thus, more and more CDN service providers are born to give users the massive boon. The multiple options have taken some people in confusion and make it hard to choose a suitable one. KeyCDN is a service of Proinity Ltd, a …

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Using GTmetrix to Improve Speed

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It is very easy to get started with GTmetrix. Just go to their website and enter your URL into the Analyze Performance of box. Click on GO! and then wait a couple of moments while your site is analyzed by Google PageSpeed and YSlow. Note: If you are looking for even more out of GTmetrix, such as storing your history …

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Best free CDN to speed up your Website

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Every website owner wants to have faster loading web pages and lighting fast content load for better user experience as well as for better positioning in Google search results ever since Google incorporated site speed as criteria for search rankings. As a matter of fact 80-90% of the end-user response time is spent downloading all the static components in web …

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Know Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

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What is the Accelerated Mobile Pages project? The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone – publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users. Today, the expectation is that content should load super fast and be easy …