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3 foolproof ways to backup WordPress

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Backing up WordPress gives you options in the face of a server failure, malware attack, or accidental data loss. You’ve put countless hours into building a valuable website, so losing any of it simply isn’t feasible. You need a disaster recovery plan, and an archive of backups can provide one. Before delving into the various ways to back up WordPress, …

WP Coupons Review

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WP Coupons is a Plugin developed by affiliate marketers (Brett & Brian from Woorkup) for affiliate marketers to help increase your CTR and conversions! To see it in action, you can check our deals page. Features Custom styles and templates built-in to the plugin. You can change all the colors within the WordPress dashboard. Easy to use widgets, templates, and …

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The Five Most Realistic Ways to Make a Living as a Writer

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You want it so bad that it dominates your waking thoughts. You’re even afraid to say it out loud, in case you sound plain crazy: “I want to make a living as a writer.” (You can just imagine the snorts and smirks from family and friends.) But it’s true — you’re no closer to reaching that goal than the day …

5 Things You Can’t Blog Successfully Without

5 Things You Can’t Blog Successfully Without

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Blog successfully and you can smile all the way to the bank. Your website traffic will grow, your company will flourish, and your reputation could swell to the point where business finds you. Bloggers like Michael Arrington rake in up to $800,000 per month! But it’s not quite that simple. In order to achieve success, there are things every blogger must …